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Winter Color Season

Winter Color Season

Are You a Winter?

Know your Winter Color Season

  • - Your eyes may have spokes glinting in the color, quite likely blue, dark brown, green, or even hazel.
  • - Your skin may be highly translucent, ethereal and elf-like, Scandinavian, fair and moonlit, with base tones of red or blue.
  • - Your hair is quite possibly black or very deep brown.

The interplay of your seasonal wintery colors with your skin and hair is delicate and subtle. But all is not pale in your wardrobe... you wear a deep blue velvet with the calm sophistication of royalty.

Your Winter Colors are ...

If you're a Winter, your colors are cool and crisp, icy and pale, shades of the northern seas, of arctic sunlight reflecting off of snow-capped peaks. Cool colors are the colors on the color wheel of green, green-blue, blue, blue-violet, violet, and violet-red.

Winter Color Season Accessories

Neutrals are your best friends, both in conformity and in contrast. Coordination is a snap, and you'll find yourself turning toward a suite of accessories in dove gray, jet, even charcoal.

Winter Color Season Jewelry

Silvery, sparkly, shiny and (dare we suggest) subtle. Platinum, sterling, titanium, sapphire.

To Be Clear, a Color Season is...

When we talk about a color season, we're talking about a selection of colors that work best with a particular eye, skin and hair color combination.