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Remember tie-dye? Poodle skirts? Quilted handbags and Jackie O pillbox hats? Capture that vintage feel for your very own plus size style, with reproductions or the real thing! Vintage is a great fashion path to follow, inspired by decades long past, closets long cleared out, trends long faded from memory but now returning.

Nostalgic, retro, back to a past that resonates with your sense of fashion, even if that past transpired long before you were born. Carefully tended and gently used, or sewn now in memory of a time that should never be forgotten. If you're a plus size vintage apparel buff, your options are wide open! The corner thrift store is just the place to start - beyond that, you can find a variety of selections on eBay, in relatives' closets, in your parent's attic, and even on the racks of the most current designers as vintage clothing comes back in vogue.

Look for authentic fabrics and construction, period-appropriate closures, buttons and buckles.

Did You Know This About Plus Size?

Vanity sizing, also known as size inflation, used to refer to the phenomenon of ready-to-wear clothing of the same nominal size becoming larger over time. Vanity sizing tends to occur in places where clothing sizes are not standardized, such as the United States.

Source: Wikipedia