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Summer Color Season

Summer Color Season

Are You a Summer?

Know your Summer Color Season

  • - Your eyes may have patterns of crackly glass beneath the surface, catching and reflecting the afternoon sun, and are probably bluish gray or bluish green.
  • - Your hair may be ash blonde or pale blonde.
  • - Your skin probably has base tones of red or blue.

Your Summer Colors are ...

If you're a Summer, your colors race along the pastel edge of the color wheel, beach umbrellas and cabana covers, soft jungle greens and peach, magenta, radiant and sun-soaked. Nothing too brilliant or the color will drown you out! Cool colors are the colors on the color wheel of green, green-blue, blue, blue-violet, violet, and violet-red.

Summer Color Season Accessories

Sherbet tones and mojitos, with just a hint of watermelon. Safari, with touches of canvas and hemp, perhaps some Caribbean blue.

Summer Color Season Jewelry

You're comfortable in spun silver and quirky sparks of lime. Is that a Hello Kitty necklace? We're not at all surprised.

To Be Clear, a Color Season is...

When we talk about a color season, we're talking about a selection of colors that work best with a particular eye, skin and hair color combination.