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Spring Color Season

Spring Color Season

Are You a Spring?

Know your Spring Color Season

  • - Your eyes may carry that sunlight within, in the shape of a sunburst upon gray tones, and may be blue, a shade of green or perhaps gray.
  • - Your hair is golden -blonde or brown- perhaps even reddish hued.
  • - Your skin may have a rose petal quality that shifts between light and shadow, yet have the color to stand out as the highlight of the garden. Its base tones are probably golden or yellow.

Your Spring Colors are ...

If you're a Spring, your colors mirror the budding English garden, leaf green, pinks from pale to rose, carnations, seafoam, shades that warm and sparkle against your skin as the sun begins to brighten, yet remain delicate. Warm colors are the colors on the color wheel of red, red-orange, orange, orange-yellow, yellow, and yellow-green.

Spring Color Season Accessories

Nothing shy about your accessories, Spring. You take pastel and make it perky, and can totally get away with mixing lilac and lemon! You can pull off Miami Beach tones year-round.

Spring Color Season Jewelry

Gold will make your skin glow gently, but you may find yourself drawn to softer pastels, champagnes, delicate lines and delicate shades.

To Be Clear, a Color Season is...

When we talk about a color season, we're talking about a selection of colors that work best with a particular eye, skin and hair color combination.