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Plus Size sleepwear

g'night, princess

Lounge about, kick back, go for sweet dreams in gowns and PJs that fit your plus size fashion sense. From demure to dramatic, comfortable to just a bit enticing. Pick a style to love and a material to snuggle into, and have a good night!

What's your favorite lounge-around?

When it comes to sleepwear, each of us has her own strong personal opinion. You may like plus size cotton flannel pajamas, while your sister may love her plus size nylon nightgowns. Meanwhile, your cousin swears by her plus size long cotton nightshirts, and HER sister insists on plus size capri length lounge PJ bottoms and oversized t-shirts.

Selecting Plus Size Sleepwear

Look for comfort, comfort and comfort. Don't spend a single night being awakened every few minutes by itchy lace or scratchy labels. If embroidery is your thing, check the inside surfaces behind the stitching for smoothness. If you have extremely sensitive skin, try a light dusting of scented powder like lavender along lace edges before retiring.