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Just a bit jealous of those 6-foot tall supermodels? (At 5'4", I sure am!) If you feel like Mother Nature was stingy in the height department, select an ankle length skirt paired with a slimming boot, heel or pump. Long lines create a very nice tall look.

Making Plus Size Skirt Decisions

Settling on plus size skirts can be a difficult shopping decision. Is it too long? Too short? Too narrow? Too wide? Let your leg shape (and age, to a certain extent) be your first guide. A skirt that lands at the center of the knee is more slimming than one that lands above the knee. A skirt that lands at the ankle is more slimming than one that lands mid-calf.

Selecting your Plus Size Skirts

Look for appropriate cut and shape, as well as "sit-ability." If you don't think you will be able to sit down in the skirt or get out of a low-slung sports car with your dignity intact, it might be the skirt to avoid. (But hey, that's just me - go with YOUR style!) In any event, look for skirt styles that flatter your personal body type and fashion sense.

Out With The Old, Hurray For The New In Plus-Size Clothing
By Priyanka Arora

Clothes should be comfortable, almost if not making one feel she's wearing second skin. Clothes should bring out the shapely curves a woman is blessed with and consequently draw the attention of the opposite sex. Clothes should bring out the wearer's innermost emotions.

For the longest time American women, most especially adolescent girls caught in peer pressure, find themselves smacked right on a battle to be thin. Thanks to the likes of Emme, Queen Latifah, and even former supermodel turned TV host Tyra Banks, plus size women are slowly but surely getting convinced to learn to love their bodies.

What's more noticeable is how the garments industry is heeding the call for chic plus size clothing. Retailers and fashion designers are finally realizing the buying power of this previously overlooked group of women. As such, there has been an impressive rise of plus size specialty stores, of malls carrying these clothes, of online stores selling full figured friendly garments. It's now actually possible to unearth a decent outfit and by that we surely do not mean sack dresses!

Say goodbye to dull, hideous wardrobe. The modern plus size woman now has all the access to stylish tops, shirts, jackets, pants and jeans, skirts, beach wear, gowns, lingerie, office wear and lots more -all intended to highlight her voluptuous body and captivate.

And when you wake up in the morning feeling under the weather just remember that if you have it, FLAUNT it! This is your moment; this is your time.

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Did You Know This About Plus Size?

Plus-size refers generally to clothing labelled size (US) 14 / (UK) 18 and upwards for women, and for sizes over XL for men. Also called Outsize in some countries (predominantly British), this term has been losing favour since the 1990s.

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