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Variety of Plus Size Skirt Materials

When selecting a skirt, consider the occasion as well as the material and style. Gauzy filmy maxi skirts work great for beach appearances, picnics, after-swim parties. That fully lined dark blue pinstripe kick-pleat works great for a morning in the board room.

Let Lifestyle be your Plus Size Skirt Purchase Guide

Look for materials that work with your skirt's intended lifestyle. If your skirt is going to spend a lot of time packed in a suitcase, seek the wrinkle-free easy-to-clean variety. If the skirt is going to spend more time at the beach and in your duffel bag, the choice is easy!

Did You Know This About Plus Size?

Plus-size refers generally to clothing labelled size (US) 14 / (UK) 18 and upwards for women, and for sizes over XL for men. Also called Outsize in some countries (predominantly British), this term has been losing favour since the 1990s.

Source: Wikipedia