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Dress Me Up for Under $100

It's great to splurge once in a while, especially when you find a plus size dress that's just perfect for you AND marked down to a crazy-low price. But even the best price isn't the right price if the dress itself isn't right for you. Play it safe and know your color season and body type. Are you a circle or a triangle? A Winter or a Spring?

Look for styles that work with your body type and personal sense of style. Watch for brands and designers you're familiar with and trust. It's not unusual for deeply discounted apparel to be marked No Returns.

Did You Know This About Plus Size?

Gary Dakin headed New York's Karin Models' Curves division, only to leave after a short time to develop the Ford agency's Ford 12+ model division in their New York office. In Constantine Valhouli's 2001 plus-size model documentary Curve, Dakin states, "We're celebrating our 25th anniversary of the Ford 12+ division. It was the first and longest-existing plus division in the industry."

Source: Wikipedia