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Snuggly Sweaters

Once in a while, you'll find a sweater that grabs your heart-strings and just won't let go. Fluffy, puffy, snuggly, cuddly, softer than a springtime cloud. Those are the sweaters you keep forever, plus size or otherwise - the ones that you get a bit choked up over when it's time to pack away the cold-weather wardrobe. You know, like the one your college roommate "borrowed" and wouldn't give back!

Watch for materials that will breathe, that won't itch you to distraction, that can stand up to gentle-cycle machine washing - but be prepared to hand-wash your favorites. Always follow care and cleaning instructions to ensure the longest possible relationship with your treasured sweaters.

T'is the Season to be Layered

Think layers, layering, big sweaters, big shirts, more layers, scarves, adaptable to the weather that is surely going to change several times a day. A variety of plus size big shirts gives you options like crazy, from the casual tossed over a t-shirt or tank for a weekend mall crawl, to crisp clean tailored lines sure to add a classy touch to any plus size career outfit. The difference is in the roomy cuts, versatile enough to stand alone or layer with a delicate camisole to peek demurely from under a low-cut V neck. With these fresh new choices to merge right into your style blueprint, just think how much major versatility you'll be adding to your core wardrobe.