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Plus Size Prom

For more plus size prom dresses, visit our Dress & Gown Browser at The Wedding Lass, keyword PLUS PROM or PROM.
Senior Prom is supposed to be memorable - after all, it's a once in a lifetime event. Choose a dress that makes a statement about your personality, your own style, not someone else's idea of what that personality and style should be. Take care of the basics - know your color season and body type - then take your time to shop, as far in advance as possible!

Look for reflections of your own style - do you want to stand out or fit in? Do you plan to keep your prom dress in storage, sell it afterward, or wear it for future formal events? Is your prom night a formal or informal affair? Will the weather be hot, warm, cool or downright freezing? (A shawl or coat is far more stylish than goosebumps!)