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How to Select a Plus Size Sports Bra

Time for a plus size sports bra? Knowing what to look for when selecting a sports bra will make the process a lot less painful than going into the bra selection process unprepared. First, know your real bra size, as of right now. Don't assume that the bra size you wore a year ago is the same today. Measure often, and always before making a plus size sports bra purchase. Take two measurements - the first is at the fullest part of your bust. Make sure the tape is even and level all the way around your body. The second measurement is directly below your bust and is used to determine your back size.

What to look for in a plus size sports bra

Look for the plus size sports bra activity rating - Low, Medium or High Impact. Look for the style - compression or encapsulaton. Look for the back and strap style - racerback straps on plus size activewear will cause less slipping and chafing than a normal bra's straps will. Look for materials with a high degree of elasticity and moisture wicking.

Did You Know This About Plus Size?

In a survey conducted by Psychology Today, fifty-six percent of women say they are dissatisfied with their overall appearance. Their self-disparagement is specifically directed toward their abdomens (71 percent), body weight (66 percent), hips (60 percent), and muscle tone (58 percent).