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Perfect Pairings

Just the Right Dress

Ever wonder why everyone says that navy blue satin wrap is Just The Right Dress on you? Ever slipped into a certain outfit, and found that just by wearing, your eyes take on a different sparkle and you feel like you just stepped out of a trendy high-priced weekend spa?

These perfect looks are no accident. You can achieve that perfect look every time by applying your very own secret weapons: your Body Type and your Color Season.

Stay True to your Style

Know your Color Season

The biggest secret of making your wardrobe work for you is to stay true to your own style. Don't rework your entire wardrobe to keep up with the latest fashion trend. Once you have found your own style voice, stick with it. Update with accessories, colorful scarves, belts, shoes, jewelry, totes and purses.

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Know Why That Blue Dress Works

Know your Body Type

Once you know your Body Type and your Color Season, your fashion choices are a snap to make. You'll know exactly which styles, shapes, fits and looks work the best for you, to create that Perfect Look every single time. No more guesswork and endless hours of trying on outfit after outfit - your secret weapons work for you for any piece of apparel, at any store, especially when shopping online!

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