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long 'n lean

Celebrate those curves of yours in styles that fit, flatter, form. Dressy wide-leg pants are elegant alternatives to more traditional career outfits and evening wear. Look for long unbroken lines, a delicate pinstripe, a fit that falls smoothly from the thigh.

Plus size bottoms shape appearances

Plus size pants, skirts, trousers, denims, jeans, capris, leggings, even shorts - forming and shaping the appearance of our legs. They can lengthen or shorten, enhance or disguise. They give us a long lean look and make us appear taller. Casual or dressy, the bottoms we choose account for the way that over two-thirds of our body appears.

Selecting plus size pants

Look for quality materials and well-constructed seams. If you select bottoms with pockets, avoid pocket placements with lines that will bulge out to the sides. Measure carefully and with an awareness of your body type.

Think Jeans

Let's talk about plus size pants, slacks, denims and jeans for a moment. As with all plus size apparel, choose your pants based on your own personal body shape and color season in addition to comfort and price.

Think Fit

When selecting pants and slacks, for the longest sleekest lines, choose a pant leg that fits comfortably at the widest part of your leg and falls smoothly downward. Here's a resource for more fit information.

Did You Know This About Plus Size?

In the U.K. plus-size is generally thought of as beginning at size 16, which is roughly equivalent to a US12.

Source: Wikipedia