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Plus Size outerwear

let it snow

or blow or sleet or hail or rain. Your coat of choice can keep you warm and cozy in the face of bad weather or provide just enough warmth for those slightly chilly afternoons. Pick a fabric that goes with your travel and lifestyle, all the way from toasty organic wool to lightweight denim, and everything in between.

Plus Size Coat Decisions

One of the most important questions to ask when buying a coat is: Am I going to be able to layer and still get my coat to close? Since the definition of a "coat" can be anything from a lightweight windbreaker to a thick maxi-length arctic coat, that can be a difficult question to answer.

Selecting a Plus Size Coat

Look for room in the arm area and ease across the shoulders, with enough room within to wear a sweater and shirts, and perhaps zip in an included lining. Look for good fastenings - buttons, zippers, snaps and flaps, pull cords around waist and wrists - the devices that will keep wind and moisture out, and warmth within.