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Nursing Bras

The agony of a bad brassiere cannot be adequately put into words. They pinch, they sag. They pull, they clump, they hike. They slip, they twist, they droop, they slide, and they annoy. And no amount of fidgeting will make them behave better.

Look for materials, workmanship, comfortable straps, no seams where there shouldn't be seams, the right seams where there SHOULD be seams. Grab and memorize care instructions, and buy a handful of those nice big soft mesh washing-machine lingerie bags. You'll thank me later, honest.

Plus Size Bridal Lingerie

Choosing a wedding dress can be a very pleasurable experience, but, for many women, it can also be a very stressful one. After all, every woman wants to look perfect for her wedding day and whilst crash dieting will do much, not everyone is able to, nor wishes to, conform to the societal size ten wedding dress dream. However, just because you are not a size ten, does not mean you cannot look beautiful and sexy on your wedding day. And, by finding the correct plus sized bridal lingerie, that both compliments your dress and is stunningly attractive enough to take you through to that all important wedding night, a bride can feel confident within herself through-out her whole day. (read more)