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Inverted Triangle Body Type

Know your Inverted Triangle  Body TypeShoulders are wide compared to the hips.

The inverted triangle body type is also known as wedge shape in some fashion references. Those of us who are inverted triangle shape need to take these fashion actions and watch for these solutions:

Inverted Triangle Body Type Actions

  • - draw attention away from our nice wide shoulders
  • - bring focus down toward waist and hips
  • - create tall, smooth, unbroken lines from shoulder to knee
  • - use attractive and unusual hemlines to our advantage

Inverted Triangle Body Type Solutions

  • Tunic style jackets with jewel collars (no huge lapels)
  • Long lean lines that make us look tall
  • Smooth unbroken lines from shoulder to knee
  • Avoid breaking up those unbroken lines with belts, horizontal visual breakpoints, prominent waistbands.

Avoid fashion traps like shoulder pads - no need to accentuate that positive broad shoulder more than necessary! Bring attention down to the narrow end of that inverted triangle with flair.