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Autumn Rectangle

Autumn & Rectangle - Perfect Pairings

Rectangle Body ShapeAutumn Color Season

Rectangle Body Type

Know your Triangle Body TypeShoulders and hips are nearly equal, and there is little or no waist definition.

The rectangle body type is also known as the box or square shape in some fashion references. Those of us with rectangle body types face some interesting challenges, but we can do a lot by taking these fashion actions and watching for these solutions:

Rectangle Body Type Actions

  • - focusing on long lean looks
  • - using faux belts (or even real ones)
  • - lovely pointed toes on our shoes
  • - bright scarves, big chunky necklaces, heavy brooches

Rectangle Body Type Solutions

  • Accessories that bring the eye up to your smile.
  • Find your color and stick with it from neck to knee.
  • Use prints cleverly to create the illusion of indentation and shape at the waistline
  • Look for colored side panels, faux vertical seams and tucks, shirring at the midriff, diagonal print panels.

Autumn Color Season

Are You an Autumn?

Know your Autumn Color Season

  • - Your eyes may have flecks of sunlit gold. They are deep brown or green, maybe even hazel.
  • - Your skin may have a translucent quality to it, with base tones of gold or yellow, bronze, olive, tending toward tan or slightly dark, to glow next to rich vibrant Fall tones.
  • - Your hair is golden brown or chestnut or coppery or auburn or red, or a combination.

Your Autumn Colors are ...

If you're an Autumn, your colors are warm and toasty, rich and deep, perhaps a bit muted, more in the range of earthen hues and natural tones. Warm colors are the colors on the color wheel of red, red-orange, orange, orange-yellow, yellow, and yellow-green.

Autumn Color Season Accessories

Rich dark leather, eye-catching colors that evoke the changing of autumn leaves, bursts of gold and copper.

Autumn Color Season Jewelry

You're classy and classic in copper and gold, blazes of fired ceramic, peacock tones, and rust!

To Be Clear, a Color Season is...

When we talk about a color season, we're talking about a selection of colors that work best with a particular eye, skin and hair color combination.