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Summer Circle

Summer & Circle - Perfect Pairings

Circle Body ShapeSummer Color Season

Circle Body Type

Know your Circle Body TypeShoulders and hips are narrow compared to the waist.

Some people refer to this body shape as apple shape in some fashion references, although I find that term a bit silly unless you have a stem sprouting from your neck. Others refer to it as the oval shape or sphere shape. Those of us with circle body types need to take these fashion actions and watch for these solutions:

Circle Body Type Actions

  • - define our non-existent waists
  • - use V-necklines to lengthen our necks, and
  • - accentuate our shoulders

Circle Body Type Solutions

  • Sleeveless tops to give the illusion of more shoulder than we truly possess.
  • Interesting hemlines to give that leggy look (and turn attention away from the waist).
  • Avoid hemlines that cut us off too far below the knee and turn us into popsicles.

Summer Color Season

Are You a Summer?

Know your Summer Color Season

  • - Your eyes may have patterns of crackly glass beneath the surface, catching and reflecting the afternoon sun, and are probably bluish gray or bluish green.
  • - Your hair may be ash blonde or pale blonde.
  • - Your skin probably has base tones of red or blue.

Your Summer Colors are ...

If you're a Summer, your colors race along the pastel edge of the color wheel, beach umbrellas and cabana covers, soft jungle greens and peach, magenta, radiant and sun-soaked. Nothing too brilliant or the color will drown you out! Cool colors are the colors on the color wheel of green, green-blue, blue, blue-violet, violet, and violet-red.

Summer Color Season Accessories

Sherbet tones and mojitos, with just a hint of watermelon. Safari, with touches of canvas and hemp, perhaps some Caribbean blue.

Summer Color Season Jewelry

You're comfortable in spun silver and quirky sparks of lime. Is that a Hello Kitty necklace? We're not at all surprised.

To Be Clear, a Color Season is...

When we talk about a color season, we're talking about a selection of colors that work best with a particular eye, skin and hair color combination.