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Swimwear That Masks

Swimwear That Masks

Plus Size Swimwear - Suits That Mask Trouble Areas
By P. Williards

Buying a plus size bathing suit can be a very long process filled with emotion and stress. Women of all sizes tend to hate the search for beachwear. Trying to hide those trouble areas with less than two feet of cloth is a feat most of us aren't sure we can pull off. If you're in the market for plus size swimwear your in luck. Whether it's your tummy or your thighs there is bathing suit that will help you mask flaws and bring out your best attributes.

  • Bulging Tummy

    If your bathing suit woes are stemming from your center there is hope. The key to masking belly flaws is found in the style bathing suit you choose. Bathing suit manufactures are keen to the needs of all size women. When looking for a bathing suit to hide or slim down your mid section choose one made specifically for that purpose. There are several bathing suits available that are made of a tight fitting Lycra that helps take an inch or more of your waste. If you do decide to purchase one of these make sure the bathing suit fits. Just because a bathing suit is tight doesn't mean it's doing its job. You should be able to breath and move around without feeling confined or restrained.

    Another great option for women who are dealing with tummy issues is the tankini. This take on the traditional bikini is great because it offers the flexibility and fun of a bikini with the coverage of a bathing suit. Women with tummy troubles may find the tankini gives them a little extra room in the stomach area since many are lose fitting or mimic empire waist tops.

  • Plus Size Bust

    Women who have large breasts often find the search for a bathing suit extremely challenging. Sometimes it's hard to find a top that fits properly and leaves you feeling comfortable and confident. When looking for bathing suits tailored for large breasted women look for ones that minimize the bust line. You may also find that halter tops and wide straps work well to create the appearance you want. Stay away from ornate tops with a lot of embellishment that can make your chest appear even larger.

  • Large Rear End

    For many women what precedes you is often the most troublesome. Bathing suits put everything out there and that include your derriere. Much like other problem areas there are a few things you can do to minimize the size or at least the appearance of your behind. Look for solid color bottoms and match them with patterned tops. This works to draw attention from the bottom half as well as create a smoother appearance.

  • Large Legs

    How do you cover large legs when bathing suits leave little to the imagination. While a sarong is always available as a means to really cover up for walks on the beach or sitting by the pool, it's not practical if your getting in and out of the water constantly. Look for bathing suit bottoms that have higher cuts since this will give the appearance of longer legs. You also may find bathing suits that offer skirts to be a great confidence booster since they cover the upper most part of your leg. Whatever you choose, stay away from boy cuts or other bottoms in the form of shorts. These automatically draw attention to your legs and can actually make them look larger.

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