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Plus Size Bridal Lingerie

Plus Size Bridal Lingerie

Choosing a wedding dress can be a very pleasurable experience, but, for many women, it can also be a very stressful one. After all, every woman wants to look perfect for her wedding day and whilst crash dieting will do much, not everyone is able to, nor wishes to, conform to the societal size ten wedding dress dream. However, just because you are not a size ten, does not mean you cannot look beautiful and sexy on your wedding day. And, by finding the correct plus sized bridal lingerie, that both compliments your dress and is stunningly attractive enough to take you through to that all important wedding night, a bride can feel confident within herself through-out her whole day.

Mercifully, traditional wedding day lingerie works well for plus size brides. Basques and corsets push up ample bosoms till they are bursting to perfection, they flatten stomachs and smooth out hips, the overall effect is to give you a wonderful womanly silhouette figure that will only serve to make your wedding dress look all the more beautiful. And, feeling good and looking good will increase your confidence on your wedding day and your wedding night.

Good Plus Size Bridal Lingerie should support your figure, holding you in and up in all the right places. It should also compliment your dress, so ensure your bridal lingerie appears seamless under your wedding dress and that you can sit, breathe and possibly even eat in it!

If sitting, breathing and eating are too difficult in the confines of your very sexy but not very practical Basque, then one option that many brides take, is to wear functional underwear under their wedding dress and save the sexy lingerie for their wedding night. For example, a body stocking may not whet your man`s appetite quite as much as suspenders and a Basque, but under your wedding dress it can ensure you have clean lines and tummy control. Body stockings with control zones, added padding, support panels and built in bras, are available in an array of colours and styles, so it will be easy to locate one in your size that creates the perfect silhouette for your wedding dress style. Body stockings are available in nude or sheer ensuring they are discreet and easily disguised.

The reality of shape control underwear is one that plus sized women have to face and whilst comfort shorts are not the ideal wedding dress underwear, the reality is they could save you a lot of discomfort on your big day (not to mention they can give you confidence on the dance floor!). And they can certainly be removed when you change into your "going away outfit" and instead replaced with sexy, less practical lingerie (or you can swap your control knickers and discreetly replace them with sexy underwear underneath your wedding dress, just before your dearly beloved whisks you away for your much anticipated wedding night).

Choosing designer underwear is almost certainly an option when it comes to bridal lingerie. High quality underwear will have added benefits of superb fit and exquisite design. In addition to this many plus sized clothing stores and designers offer ranges of underwear, not necessarily designed as bridal, but that will look good on your wedding day. White or ivory bra and knickers sets, or Basques can all be suitable for wedding day and night wear. Importantly remember that you check the returns policies of the store you buy from, remembering that lingerie should be tried on under your wedding dress to ensure a prefect fit.