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Read all plus size clothing charts

If there is ever a perfect time to read a size chart carefully, it's when you set out to buy pants. Unfortunately, some size charts are difficult to decipher; some contain very little measurement guidance; some are practically blank pages. Take the time to find the size charts and read them cautiously before placing an order.

Measuring for Plus Size Pants

Look for measurement guidelines for waist, low waist, hip and inseam. If you have difficulty taking these measurements yourself, recruit a friend to measure and write down results. If you lack an adequate tape measure, use a length of solid twine - avoid yarns that can stretch and give misleading results. Measure with the twine, fold it in half, then place the twine on a yardstick. Multiply the results by 2. (Many thanks to Peggy Lutz of Peggy Lutz Plus for this wise advice!)

Did You Know This About Plus Size?

Plus Size gets modernized. U.S. companies Lane Bryant and Catherines teamed up over a three-year period to source data to modernize the companies' garment construction. Fourteen thousand women were measured in what was the most extensive female sizing study in the U.S. in over 60 years.

Source: Wikipedia