Remember our Mantra!

We’re curvaceous, audacious, bold, beautiful, voluptuous, sensuously shapely, and we dress to show off our beautiful selves! We live in our perfectly shaped world comfortably fashion-forward and proud of it. We celebrate ourselves and our world. Reposted from Oct 27, 2007, to reiterate as we launch our Wardrobe Strategies series this week.

Plus Size Shopping and the Diplomacy Dilemma

Every day we are bombarded by advertising, admonishing us to get brighter teeth, bouncier hair, clearer skin, more vibrant smiles, higher energy, slimmer waistlines, better investments, cleaner kitchens, fresher breath, faster cars, more energy efficient refrigerators, more rewarding jobs… and if we do all that, we will be as carefree and happy and wonderful as […]