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About Perfectly Shaped World

About This Place, and Me

just call me Caseyfern

My name is Casey, and I'm a plus size woman "of a certain age." (Ok - I'm a lot closer to 65 than 30...) I'm about as far from a "youthful trendsetting fashionista" as you'll find. I love clothes, but I've had a love-hate relationship with shopping for clothes ever since a back injury slowed me down and my curvy self hit double-digit sizes over 20.

I found that shopping for clothes became more and more frustrating with every attempt. I got tired of wading through aisle after aisle of dresses designed for "straight size" women. Frustrated by the hunt for tops and pants that fit both my size and my style.

I Got Tired, Just Like You

I got tired of visiting a dozen online sites trying to find a place that had more than one plus size suit. Tired of surfing page after page of outfits hoping to find ANYTHING in my size. The more women I talked to, the more I heard the same tales of woe. The same frustration; the same sighs of resignation: "I can't find anything in my size that I'd actually WEAR."

So I Decided to Do Something About It

I kept talking to women like me - probably like you, too - and asking what they'd like to have in an online store. "Choices!" was the most common first answer. Choices that aren't buried in the back of the store, that don't take hours of searching to find. Choices that don't require me to read 30 pages of text before I can see some clothes!

Perfectly Shaped World didn't happen overnight. I made a lot of mistakes, tried out different layouts, searched for merchants, added departments (and removed departments), made more mistakes, and kept asking friends to look at the site again and again, taking their suggestions and making changes. Bless their hearts, they always helped. (Thanks, every one of you!) It's a process ... and one that I cherish, because each person's feedback helps bring Perfectly Shaped World a bit closer to perfection.

Suggestions? Let's Hear 'Em!

I'd love to chat, hear your thoughts and ideas, get your feedback and suggestions! Are you looking for something in particular? Let me know. I'm glad to help.