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laws of attraction

The ideal accessories attract the eye toward their focus spots, but not so much that the eye sees the accessory first. A chip of diamond on the ear can bring the eye to the blush of your cheek. A delicate pendant can bring the eye toward your neck or decolletage.

When selecting jewelry to complete an ensemble, think in threes and sizes. Select your jewelry so that the focal piece is positioned where you want the eye to travel. Do you want all eyes on your neck and throat? Then your necklace is your focal piece. Support the necklace's presence with small coordinated earrings and bracelet.

Look for smaller supporting roles for jewelry you might usually skip over. Brooches are back in fashion, used on jacket lapels, decolletage, even skirts. Pin a scarf in place with an unexpected dazzle. For oohhhh-worthy pieces that hallmark your individuality and style, see our Remarkable collections - earrings, bracelets, rings and necklaces - to pair perfectly with your beautiful plus size fashions.