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The days of uncomfortable drab maternity wear are so over. Celebrate pregnancy in comfort and style with organic fabrics and cotton blends selected for top-notch new mommy pampering. Don't miss out on stylish plus size maternity career apparel too, designed to work with your changing curvy body.

Plus size and expecting? As your pregnancy advances, your body reshapes itself in many ways - and one of your more fun challenges is deciding on your plus size maternity clothes. Now is not the time to skimp on your plus size style. Quite the opposite. Nine months is far too long to go without fashion and styles that fit. Lucky for us, the plus size apparel industry is keeping up to speed on what we crave.

Look for plus size maternity tops and bottoms that are designed to accommodate your growing tummy. As always, read each store's size charts and sizing recommendations carefully. Some merchants recommend taking a complex set of measurements while others advise you to order your pre-pregnancy plus size.

Think Trends

Ever asked yourself where fashion trends come from? How do they start? Who gets to decide if something you see is a trend or not? Plus size trendsetting is no different from trending of any other style or fashion. Learn more about what makes a trend tick, in this New York Times article.

Think Comfort

One friend of mine described her pregnancy as her "appearance as the star in Alien, and I don't mean Sigourney Weaver." She solved her growing comfort issues by going with all-cotton and cotten-blend fabrics from the moment she started to show. If fit and shaping are an issue, look for cotton/lycra blends as well.

Did You Know This About Plus Size?

Asked by one of her pregnant customers to design something "presentable but comfortable" to wear in public, Lena Himmelstein Bryant Malsin created a dress with an elasticized waistband and accordion pleated skirt. This would be the first known commercially made maternity dress. (You know her company as Lane Bryant.)

Source: Wikipedia