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fit flattery

Nothing boosts confidence and comfort more than a perfectly fitting bra. A little bit of lace can really dress up an otherwise conservative and demure office outfit. Looking for something a bit more .. (ahem) daring? a bit more eye-catching? If so, The Large Lass is the place for you.

Think Lacy

Slip a camisole on under a power blazer and let the barest hint of lace show through beneath that career blouse. Pick a shade darker than your suit or shirt, or a skin tone for a shy touch.

Think Racy

Whether you're a single lady or a married one, you'll recognize the luxury of possessing a selection of must-have plus size intimates. Slipping into a black lace bra before donning that high-powered career suit can do wonders for your confident smile.
Some of us plus size ladies can be a bit hard to fit, and support can be a bit of a challenge. Combine that with the need for comfort and a craving for beauty, and the challenge can escalate. All is not lost, though; there are several notable retailers with a true sense of the needs of the plus size woman, and they bring us bras and panties and underthings that we can actually wear!

Look for materials, and learn the terminology, especially Sports Bra, Minimizer, Underwire, Soft Cup, Support (and how these apply to bra selection). If possible, get a professional bra fitting in a local specialty shop - then note your size and specs to use for online ordering.