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Multi-purpose, double duty, multifunctional, all occasion. Can your plus size dress take you from office to evening and beyond without a moment's hesitation? Choose classic lines, and slip evening accessories into a side pocket of that new shoulder tote.

Plus Size Dresses are Creations, Not Copies

A well-designed plus size dress has been crafted for the unique plus size form, not just skinny-size garment patterns that have had a few inches added all the way around. Look at the shaping of the arm holes, the ease of the shoulders, the placement of fitting darts.

Selecting a Plus Size Dress

Look for styles that won't fall out of vogue in a matter of weeks. Bring a classic dress style to totally current with accessories. The plus size Little Black Dress is an example of timeless style - dress it down, pair it with a well-fitted blazer for a daytime look, then kick it up a notch or two for evening with the latest accessories in eye-catching styles.

Think Perception

Self perception is the key ingredient to self esteem and confidence: If you love who you are and are comfortable in your own skin, then you are perfect the way you are! Everyone deserves to look and feel great; clothing that fits right and moves properly can really set you to feeling your best. The good news is that plus size dress designers and manufacturers eyes have been opened over the past several years so that just about anyone, with any budget can afford to look their best all the time.

Think Empowerment

Plus size women today realize that they can feel and look beautiful with the assortment of trendy clothing available to them. Shopping for plus size clothes, whether in department stores, boutiques and on the Internet can be likened to one big, no pun intended, treasure hunt. There is always something precious and exquisite to discover in every nook and cranny. [Read more...]

Did You Know This About Plus Size?

In the U.K. plus-size is generally thought of as beginning at size 16, which is roughly equivalent to a US12.

Source: Wikipedia